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SOS Dermite

SOS Dermite



Aloe Vera + Essential oils

Prevents and fights against summer itching. Instantly calms itching. Relieves lesions due to summer dermatitis. Protects, hydrates, promotes healing and hair regrowth. Quickly penetrates and diffuses its assets. 100% natural formula.

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  • Manual

    Spray on lesions and spread by hand. Take care to part the horsehair in order to reach the epidermis. Best applied as soon as the first signs of itching appear.

  • Composition

    Aqua, glycine soja oil/calendula officinalis flower oil, allantoin, vegetable extracts, 5 essential oils, tocopheryl acetate, benzyl alcohol, potatium sorbate, xanthan gum, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, lactic acid

  • Recommandations

    A conserver à l’abri de lumière et température inférieure à 25°. Ne pas appliquer à proximité des yeux. ontient des huiles essentielles pouvant être irritantes chez certains sujets allergiques. Usage externe.

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